About Us

About Jaipur College of Arts Commerce and Science

JAIPUR COLLEGE OF ARTS, COMMERCE & SCIENCE was established in 2012. We are working with commitment to promote quality education in arts, Commerce & Science with emphasize on research work. Beside this, cultivation of high standard of human values with transformation process of human beings for prosperous life is our mission. We provide B.A., B.COM, M.A, M.COM, M.S.W. and B.Sc. full time courses. This is a college with difference. It prepares students for competitions like: IAS, RAS, IBPS, NDA and SSC etc. along with their university courses. Two hours additional classes of Math, Reasoning, English & General Studies (Geography, Economics, Political Science, History & Culture, General Science & Technology & Current Issues) are provided daily in addition to the regular university degree classes. Our teaching method generates interest. It invites discussions, debates. It encourages creative way of writing which is required for high level competitions. J.C.A.C.S. has transformed teacher and text-book-centric methodology into student-centric. This has revolutionized the overall performance of the students with very strong analytical thinking and creative expression capabilities. Every year JCACS students are selected on various posts of Govt. and non-govt. sectors. They are developing as sensible human beings and individual entrepreneurs.

Affiliated to

  • Maharaj Vinayak Global University, Jaipur

Approved by

  • University Grant Commission


  • To be an International Model Institution for success of students beyond predicted expectations.
  • To promote and maintain academic excellence.
  • To transform the dreams and aspirations of the youth to reality.
  • To strive and seek to cater to the global needs.


  • To provide a conducive environment for the development of an individual’s personality.
  • To believe that performance has everything to do with an individual’s desires and determination to excel and thereby providing a platform to students.
  • To empower the youth to realize that they determine the outcome of their own lives.
  • To unleash the dormant faculties and talents within.
  • To have an unflinching faith in the potential of the youth and to ignite young minds and develop the convictions in them discarding those factors that hold them back.
  • To cherish the Indian value system with focus on the Indian culture, traditions and heritage, imbibing the best of the West at the same time.
  • To support a proper harnessing of latent talents and to encourage the students to take initiatives.
  • To provide a learning environment in which the students and the faculty are driven by the spirit of enquiry and quest for knowledge.
  • To encourage the students to appreciate the natural and artistic realms of life.
  • To grasp and imbibe the complexity of moral issues.
  • To recognize the significance of growth and technologies.
  • To understand and appreciate human differences in culture, gender and race.
  • To provide the opportunities for the greatest possible achievement and attainment to each and every individual.

Our Aim

Like other Educational Institutions, J.C.A.C.S. aims to train young men and women who would grow up as creative leaders and responsible citizens, committed to the service of the people. Every effort is made to see that the students become intellectually equipped, morally upright, socially committed and spiritually awakened.

The education offered at J.C.A.C.S. aspires to reach the ideal of Vivekananda encapsulated in the catch word ‘magis’, meaning "better than the best" in every activity and is in line with the definite stand taken by the society of academician with regard to the apostolate of education all over the world.

Some Important Fetures of J.C.A.C.S.

Curricular Updating:

J.C.A.C.S.reviews the detailed course curriculum of all the programs at regular intervals as per the industry requisites. This evaluation system consists of several important points such as feedback reports on the placements, employability of the passed out students, latest developments in the technology, statutory compliances of various bodies etc. The course syllabus is first examined and evaluated by an expert committee which sends the same to the Board of Studies of the University for review. Finally the modified syllabus is shared along with the recommendations to the University Academic Council for approval.

Internal Evaluation System:

Regular Examinations & Evaluations are the most important mechanisms to judge the academic performance and progress of the students. At J.C.A.C.S., students are assessed periodically with 30% weightage being ascribed to continuous/internal assessment in a session. The assessment is done on the basis of 3-4 evaluation components with pre-defined weightage. It consists of Class Tests, Viva, Quiz, Case Discussions / Presentations / Analysis, Home Assignments, Project, Seminars, Term Papers, and Attendance among others.

J.C.A.C.S. inculcates in its system the best of practices, theories, resources and standards from the very best of global education. This includes:

A Program Structure that is dynamic, annual as well as semester-based (MSW) and that always remains up-to-date to suit the current industry requirements by integrating the traditional syllabus with global trends across disciplines.

A multi-stage process of evaluation and appraisal consisting of a bi-annual review by the domain specific Expert Committee, the Board of Studies and the Academic Council.

Evaluation and accomplishment of course-objectives, devised basis feedback reports on placements, employability of students, developments in technology, and statutory compliance of various Government / Standard laying agencies.

The curriculum at J.C.A.C.S. Is in agreement to the standards and practices of global institutions, including a diverse choice of several credit courses that facilitate cross-functional learning.

Why We Are The Best?

Person oriented methodology:

By paying individual attention to each and every student and making the teaching and learning student centered.

Integral formation and development:

By paying special attention to intellectual, affective, imaginative, aesthetic, creative, critical, communicative, physical, cultural, moral and spiritual aspects of the individual.

Faith in God and religious experience:

By promoting well- formed and strongly-held beliefs in one's faith tradition and deepening one's relationship with God.

Value-based leadership

By ensuring a consistent focus on personal integrity and ethical behaviour in all professions and the appropriate balance between justice and fairness.

Commitment to excellence:

By applying well-learned lessons and skills to achieve new ideas, better solutions and vital answers.

Relevant to the times:

By adapting to the concrete situations, politically, socially and culturally.

Service that promotes justice:

By using learning and leadership in open-handed and generous ways to ensure freedom of inquiry, the pursuit of truth and care for others.


by encouraging interaction among the pupil, parents and teachers.